Thursday, February 7, 2008

Help for those who survived..

Hello guys,

I hope this wil find you all well. The topic im gonna bring up today is something we would rather not talk about.

For a long time now Im in a bit of a struggle with the blog. I feel we can honour our departed loved ones and we are doing that here! But what about the ones that survived?? I feel I want to help the very people who have made this blog as great as it is today. We are left with scars and wounds, and now im not talking bout the kind we can see, Im referring to the phychological scars and wounds we r trying to cope with on a daily basis.

Through this blog I've met many men who have been on the border. Many of them writing to me telling me about how hard this blog have hit them for the sole reason that they have been trying for so long to block out and forget about the stuff Im writing here.

I have been a sufferer of PTSD, thats Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I dont say I can help, but what im saying is this: Ive found that writing about its all made it better for
me. In a way that is why i have this blog. I've done some reasearch on the net and have chatted to other war veterans who are suffering from this, and from many of them I've heard the same. Writing HELP!!

So this is my plan, im going to open up the blog for anyone who want to share. I will stil go on with the blog in the way ive done so far, but I want anyone who feels that they need to write about any experience, to do it here. I know it is not easy for men to talk about these stuff face to face, but even if you dont post it here under comments, or you dont mail it to me to post it on here, WRITE!!! YOU dont have to add your name, as long as you write!!

I have found a forum, I will leave you the url. Maybe some of you would rather use that.

This is just may way of helping, if any of you have better ideas I would be very happy to hear from you.