Wednesday, April 15, 2009

15 April 2009

Life goes on.

As I look back on the last 27 yrs, I wonder what it would have been like if he was still alive 2day. So many times did I wish I could just hold or hug him. More times I wished I could call him. This became worse once my mum passed away. I think its really unfair that we never get to ask them any advice no more. Who would give you better advice than a parent?

I wonder what they would have made of modern day living. (Both my parents passed away before we had mobile phones in Namibia for instance).

I wonder if they would approve of the life I'm living. My mum was so sure I would get married that she even had a wedding present for me already. I have been moving that with me for the last 13 years since she passed away.

I'm very proud of the parents I had, they have left a heritage to be proud of for us to keep safe and to keep alive. Would they approve of the way I'm doing it. Thinking of it.. there was no Internet in Nam then too. But... if I can choose.. even as a 38 yr old woman, I would have rather have my father in my life than the hero who died.

27 Years later, and I can still cry for him. I love you Dad. I hope we will live up to your expectations of us.

My thoughts are with all the families from 61 Mech Btn GP that lost a loved one on that sad day in 1982.